Why Build Stack Toolbox?


February 12, 2012

Since the release of AWS Lambda and API Gateway developers have been able to build "serverless" applications that can be shipped without needing to worry about infrastructure.

Early tools focused on helping developers build and deploy Lambda functions. This made sense when services were limited and Lamabda was the only compute option.

Today serverless developers have a much richer set of services available. Some of these services include built-in compute capabilities. In many cases Lambda functions should now be our last resort but developer tools and the developer experience is still built around them.

Stack Toolbox is a low code development environment for AWS serverless developers built for professional developers.

What does "low code development for professional developers" mean? Stack Toolbox tries to make life easier for professional developer rather than replace them. Instead of abstracting away the underlying services our focus is providing developers with an integrated view of those services. When you need Stack Toolbox to get out of the way it should do it without requiring you to eject ugly code.

Join me as I build Stack Toolbox.

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